DisneyLiving in Florida! August 13, 2022

What it’s REALLY like living near Disney!

Being a Disney Neighbor!


While on your Disney vacation have you ever  thought, “I would love to live here!” ?  Well, if you’re anything like me and my family that was a conversation we had MANY times! We were addicted to Disney magic! And magic it is! After moving to Florida in 2011 (transplants from New England), and moving about the state for a few years, we ultimately became Disney neighbors! And we’ve never regretted that decision.


So here’s the real deal about living near the world’s most famous tourist destination.


Fireworks – one of the best perks of living near the magic is a private viewing of the nightly fireworks from my front yard. We look forward to hearing that first “boom” each night!  We never tire of the illuminated sky and if you’re a Disney fan you won’t either. Fireworks are visible from many neighborhoods in the area and will become a normal part of your life! Nothing says ‘Disney lifestyle’ like walking out of Walmart or pumping gas and stopping to admire the show!


Traffic – yes and no. This is a subject people will debate you on. For those who don’t know the area and have only stayed as a visitor in a tourist/hotel district, it would be the assumption that the area is full of traffic. While that may be the case in the tourist/hotel areas, it is NOT the case in residential neighborhoods. Windermere, Winter Garden, Horizon West, Clermont and nearby towns are not driven by the tourist traffic that you see in other parts of town. We are not zoned for short term rentals or hotels so the residents can, and do, live a very quiet and peaceful lifestyle!


Visiting parks – do we ever get tired of going to Disney? Nope! Proud passholder since 2011! There are so many activities going on year round from concert series to holiday events it never grows old. My husband and I often do our evening walks around the parks. Having the ability to come and go as you please for short jaunts (instead of that all day park hopping) is a major perk of living in the area! Unique dining experiences, resort hopping, golf, taking out a pontoon boat or going on a fishing excursion (yes, you can fish at Disney!) are all fun things to do that don’t even require stepping inside the park!


House Guests – this one is short and sweet! You’ll be the family favorite if you’ve got a spare room for those out of state visitors!


Golden Oak – yes, you CAN live IN Disney! There’s an amazing gated community nestled INSIDE of Disney called Golden Oak. Be prepared to have a very large budget as prices are in the millions. But it’s oh so worth it!


Neighbors – if you live in and around Disney chances are your neighbors are major Disney fans just like you! Decorations on homes are very Disney themed and it gives such a fun vibe to be around folks of like-mind! Many of your neighbors may be Disney employees as well. These neighborhoods are a blast at Halloween and Christmas and many HOA’s host holiday decorating contests!


If you’re a fan of all things Disney and would love to live close to the fun of this magical place call me to find your castle! I live, work and PLAY in the area and love seeing clients and friends make their Disney dreams come true!