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Haunted Houses and Disclosures in Florida


Are Sellers in Florida Required to Disclose Haunted Houses, Paranormal Activity, or a Previous Murder in a Home?




Things that go bump in the night (assuming it’s not a structural issue with the home causing the bump!) are not required to be disclosed in the state of Florida to potential buyers. ‘Haunted houses’ are considered subjective, and since they are a matter of personal opinion they do not need to be disclosed to a buyer. When you purchase in Florida the seller is required to disclose specific facts about the property and if they do not do so there can be legal consequences. Casper or great-great grandmother Edna taking up residence are, however, allowed to come along with the sale without disclosure. If you have first hand knowledge of a creepy dwelling in your town that just went on the market, you may want to investigate on your own and make a decision based on your comfort level and personal views of all things paranormal before jumping in.

Crime Scenes, Murders & Suicide 

Florida does not require that a seller disclose a person passing away for any reason in a home. Nor does it have to be disclosed if a home was previously used for illegal activities. Disclosure laws can become a little messy when it comes to stigmatized events.  So when in doubt consult your real estate professional and legal counsel on a property that’s been newsworthy.  But keep in mind…if someone died in the home by natural causes or suicide or even murder, it is not required to be disclosed by the seller.


While some people love a good ghost story, others would rather run for the hills than purchase a home with an unwanted houseguest. Get a feeling for the home you’re purchasing, and trust your instincts if the hair on the back of your neck won’t go down!